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Minimizing learned clauses is an effective technique to reduce memory usage and also speed up solving time. It has been implemented in MINISAT since 2005 and is now adopted by most modern SAT solvers in academia, even though it has not been described in the literature properly yet. With this paper we intend to close this gap and also provide a thorough(More)
SAT solvers are often challenged with very hard problems that remain unsolved after hours of CPU time. The research community meets the challenge in two ways: (1) by improving the SAT solver technology , for example, perfecting heuristics for variable ordering, and (2) by inventing new ways of constructing simpler SAT problems, either using domain specific(More)
This document describes the current state of the open source SAT solver MINISAT. The latest version brings new features that was proven to be successful during the SAT competition 2005, namely the variable elimination based simplification techniques of SATELITEGTI (winner of the industrial category). The resulting solver is mainly intended to be easier to(More)