Niklas Olsson

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BACKGROUND Studies of population genetic structures provide an indication of direction and magnitude of larval transport and hence are an important component in the assessment of the ability of reefs to recover from severe disturbance. This paper reports data on population genetic structures in the coral Pocillopora damicornis from 26 reefs in Kenya and(More)
Double-differential cross sections for light-ion (p, d, t, 3 He and α) production in oxygen induced by 96 MeV neutrons are reported. Energy spectra are measured at eight laboratory angles from 20 • to 160 • in steps of 20 •. Procedures for data taking and data reduction are presented. Deduced energy-differential and production cross sections are reported.(More)
A novel extrapolation method has been used to deduce the charged πNN coupling constant from backward np differential scattering cross sections. We applied it to new measurements performed at 162 MeV at the The Svedberg Laboratory in Uppsala. In the angular range 150 • − 180 • , the carefully normalized data are steeper than those of most previous(More)
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