Niklas Norén

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BACKGROUND Adverse drug interaction surveillance in collections of Individual Case Safety Reports (ICSRs) remains underdeveloped. Most efforts to date have focused on disproportionality analysis, but the empirical support for its value is based on isolated examples. Additionally, too little attention has been given to the potential value of the detailed(More)
Dependency derivation is the search for combinations of variables (or states of variables) in a database, that co-occur unexpectedly often. In Bayesian dependency derivation, indications are ranked primarily by their estimated strengths, but an adjustment is made to account for uncertainty when data is scarce. This reduces the risk of highlighting spurious(More)
This paper reports on a conversation-analysis case study of interaction between a child with cerebral palsy and an adult using a computer-based voice output communication aid (VOCA) device with a touch-sensitive screen-input system. Data was collected from video recordings of everyday activities at school. The public nature of the VOCA-mediated turn(More)
Asking a question can be a highly challenging task for a person with multiple disabilities, but questions have not received much attention in research on augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). Conversation analysis is employed to examine an instance of multiparty interaction where a speech and language therapist supports a child with multiple(More)
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