Niklas Koep

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The cGMP-dependent protein kinase Ialpha (PKG Ialpha) possesses two functional moieties, the regulatory and catalytic domains, which reside on a single polypeptide chain. Here we report on the influence of the catalytic domain on the binding of cGMP to the regulatory domain. A deletion mutant, delta352-670 of PKG Ialpha, lacking the catalytic domain, was(More)
Optimization on manifolds is a class of optimization methods, for (non-convex) optimization of an objective function, subject to constraints which are smooth, in the sense that the set of points which satisfy the constraints admits the structure of a differentiable manifold. While many optimization problems are of the described form, technicalities of(More)
In this paper, a novel noise-shaping method for Multi-Channel Linear Prediction (MCLP) is presented. Without special consideration, the quantization noise of the prediction error poses a serious problem in multi-channel prediction as each noise component distorts the reconstruction of every channel at the decoder.
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