Niklas Heinsohn

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The display of data related to graphical objects on a map is a well studied problem in cartography and several approaches have been published. Adapting the idea of boundary labeling using a focus region, we face the problem of emphasizing additional information and labels for objects within a focus region even when the region might be moving. We propose(More)
We initiate the study of the vertex-ply of straight-line drawings, as a relaxation of the recently introduced ply number. Consider the disks centered at each vertex with radius equal to half the length of the longest edge incident to the vertex. The vertex-ply of a drawing is determined by the vertex covered by the maximum number of disks. The main(More)
Given a straight-line drawing Γ of a graph G = (V,E), for every vertex v the ply disk Dv is defined as a disk centered at v where the radius of the disk is half the length of the longest edge incident to v. The ply number of a given drawing is defined as the maximum number of overlapping disks at some point in IR. Here we present a tool to explore and(More)
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