Niklas Hartmann

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In rats hypothyroidized with methylthiouracil (MTU), methimazol (MMI), or radiothyroidectomy, the extent of deiodination for L-diiodotyrosine (L-DIT) and L-thyroxine (L-T4) was investigated in homogenate supernatants of liver and kidney. Deiodination in liver and kidney for DIT is twice as high as for T4, but the kidney allows only 25% of the liver(More)
The effect of a high-fat diet on the diameter, volume, triglyceride content and number of the adipocytes was studied in male Wistar rats at the age of 9 weeks and 6 months, respectively. The adipocytes were isolated by means of the method of RODBELL. The adipocyte diameters were measured using the microscopic method. The weight and the fat content of the(More)
This study evaluated the influence of a controllable and painless stress, conditioned bright-light active-avoidance, on the expression of myosin heavy chain (MHC) protein isoforms in two nape and three masticatory rat muscles: longissimus capitis (L), rectus capitis dorsalis major (R), anterior digastric (AD), anterior temporalis (AT) and masseter(More)
The authors present a method for the whole body analysis of rats which combines the animal body preparation according to Mickelsen with the lipid analysis according to Folch; the liquid analysis has been somewhat modified. In this way and by the non-gutting of the animals, the determination of the body fat becomes less laborious. The body fat content can(More)
In der vorliegenden Veröffentlichung wird ein Konzept für einen neuen Marktakteur im Strommarkt vorgestellt, der im zukünftigen Smart Grid als Aggregator und Planer fungieren kann. Dieser Decentralised Market Agent – DMA – soll die Informationen aller vorhandenen Erzeugungsund Speicheranlagen, Lasten und Netzinformationen auf Verteilnetzebene aggregieren(More)
Reorganization of power generation, thereby replacing conventional energy sources by innovative renewable energy sources, demands a change in distribution grid structure and operation. The foreseen Decentralized Marked Agent is a new role in the energy market sector accomplishing not only trading on energy and operating reserve markets but also regulating(More)
To determine whether the genospecies composition of Lyme disease spirochetes is spatially stratified, we collected questing Ixodes ricinus ticks in neighboring plots where rodents, birds, and lizards were present as reservoir host and compared the prevalence of various genospecies. The overall prevalence of spirochetes in questing ticks varied across the(More)
Weanling male wistar rats were fed 4 weeks a standard diet and separated into 2 groups, which received a high fat diet (50% w fat; HFD) or a low fat diet (3% w fat; LFD). These diets were fed 6-8 weeks and the animals then separated into light and heavy animals in each group. T4 deiodination in liver homogenates was investigated in all groups and compared(More)
The influence of agonist (dexamethasone) and antagonist (mifepristone) of glucocorticoïd receptor during controllable painless stress was evaluated on myosin heavy chains expression in three masticatory and two nape rat muscles: anterior digastric (AD), anterior temporalis (AT), masseter superficialis (MS), longissimus capitis (L) and rectus capitis(More)