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Swedish nonsense syllables /ɡiɡ/, /ɡyɡ/, /ɡeɡ/ and /ɡøɡ/, produced by four speakers, were video-recorded and presented to male and female subjects in auditory, visual and audiovisual mode and also in cross-dubbed audiovisual form with incongruent cues to vowel openness, roundedness, or both. With audiovisual stimuli, subjects perceived openness nearly(More)
In analyses and models of audiovisual speech perception, it has been common to consider three percepts: (1) the auditory percept evoked by acoustic stimuli, (2) the visual percept evoked by optic stimuli and (3) a common percept evoked by synchronous optic and acoustic stimuli. Here, it is shown that a vocal percept that is heard and influenced by vision(More)
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