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Bicycling for transportation purposes has become a popular activity across a wide range of demographic groups, ages, and fitness levels. To design safe roadways and intersections it is necessary to understand and quantify distribution of speeds, accelerations, and reaction times among the population of cyclists. This study was conducted to investigate the(More)
(3, 4). Therefore, freight-specific performance measures (FPMs) are not in wide use by public agencies. It is increasingly important to continue development of a system of performance measures that will capture the impact of congestion on various modes, the environment, and people living near a transportation network. A body of research has emerged that(More)
Just-in-time production systems reduce the amount of inventory available at distribution centers or retailers and increase the need for products or parts to arrive at the scheduled time. For example, a late delivery may delay scheduled production or product delivery, causing manufacturers to incur steep financial losses. Carriers may also face steep(More)
Using previously reported human, primate, and cattle reproductive performance data, we developed a mathematical model to predict the cumulative probability of pregnancy per woman per month theoretically obtainable by ovum transfer. We then conducted a preliminary ovum transfer clinical trial and compared the results of that trial to the results predicted by(More)
effort to make cycling a safe and attractive option for city travel. The setting of many timing parameters involves a delicate balance, because urban intersections must accommodate motor vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists, and the performance of these users varies between and within groups. If movements are separated by users (e.g., a bicycle-specific(More)
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