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BACKGROUND A new model of comprehensive care nurse-led clinics has enabled experienced genitourinary medicine nurses to co-ordinate the first-line, comprehensive care of female patients presenting with sexually transmitted infections and other sexual health conditions and issues. AIM This paper describes the development of a patient satisfaction(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the care process and clinical outcomes for two different models of GUM clinic for women: one led by specialist nurses and the other by senior house officers (SHOs). METHOD An open randomised controlled trial was carried out in a central London genitourinary medicine (GUM) women's clinic. Of 1172 women telephoning for an appointment,(More)
In-house audit demonstrated that 49% (173/352) of patients attending routine HIV outpatient care are asymptomatic and have needs that could potentially be met by other health care professionals. We therefore evaluated the potential development and acceptability of nurse practitioner roles in contributing to HIV outpatient care. Data were collected through(More)
BACKGROUND Nurses in genitourinary medicine (GUM) services are progressively extending their roles to conduct "comprehensive care" nurse led clinics. In such roles the nurse coordinates the first line, comprehensive care of patients presenting with sexual health conditions and issues. OBJECTIVES To identify and describe comprehensive care nurse led(More)
AIMS To develop and pilot a reproducible curriculum for nurses with limited or no sexual and reproductive health care (SRH) experience to become competent dual-trained practitioners. The model used supernumerary training posts and clinical training and assessment adapted from that used to train doctors for the Diploma of the Faculty of Sexual & Reproductive(More)
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