Nikki Newhouse

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HCI has multidisciplinary roots and has drawn from and contributed to different disciplines, including computer science, psychology, sociology, and medicine. There is a natural overlap between health and HCI researchers, given their joint focus on utilising technologies to better support people's health and wellbeing. However, the best digital health(More)
Two leucine tRNAs from the cyanophyte Anacystis nidulans have been isolated, and their complete nucleotide sequences have been determined by combining data from oligonucleotide fingerprints and sequencing gels. The two sequences are 87 nucleotides long, have the anticodons CAA and CAG, and differ from each other at a total of 28 positions. They have been(More)
The complete nucleotide sequence of tRNAPhe and 5S RNA from the photosynthetic bacterium Rhodospirillum rubrum has been elucidated. A combination of in vitro and in vivo labelling techniques was used. The tRNAPhe sequence is 76 nucleotides long, 7 of which are modified. The primary structure is typically prokaryotic and is most similar to the tRNAPhe of(More)
BACKGROUND The use of the Internet for health purposes is growing steadily, yet the use of asynchronous communication tools for health care purposes remains undeveloped. The introduction of email as a method of communication in health care has the potential to impact on both patients and health care professionals. OBJECTIVE This study aims to describe the(More)
BACKGROUND The internet is frequently used to share experiences of health and illness, but this phenomenon has not been harnessed as an intervention to achieve health behaviour change. The aim of this study was to determine the feasibility of a randomised trial assessing the effects of a novel, experience-based website as a smoking cessation intervention.(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the feasibility of a randomised controlled trial (RCT) assessing the effects of an experience-based website as a resource for the self-management of chronic asthma. DESIGN AND SETTING Feasibility, single-blind RCT in 2 regions of England. Randomisation used computer-generated random number sequence in a 1:1 ratio, after baseline(More)
First-time pregnancy is a significant life event and holistic maternal wellbeing is important. Dominant social narratives state that pregnancy is a time of fulfilment and stability but many women report feeling otherwise. Healthcare prioritises generic information relating to physical health and psychological support is often overlooked. Social support is(More)
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