Nikki Klempen

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We present neuropsychological evidence demonstrating that the binding of form elements into shapes dissociates from the binding of surface detail to shape. Data are reported from a patient with bilateral parietal lesions, GK, who manifests left-side visual extinction along with many illusory conjunctions when asked to discriminate both surface and form(More)
In visual search, items defined by a unique feature are found easily and efficiently. Search for a moving target among stationary distractors is one such efficient search. Search for a stationary target among moving distractors is markedly more difficult. In the experiments reported here, we confirm this finding and further show that searches for a(More)
Much research has examined preattentive vision: visual representation prior to the arrival of attention. Most vision research concerns attended visual stimuli; very little research has considered postattentive vision. What is the visual representation of a previously attended object once attention is deployed elsewhere? The authors argue that perceptual(More)
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