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Hydrogen evolved by nitrogenase may be recycled by a hydrogenase present in some legume nodules. Anoka and Portage cultivars of soybeans were inoculated with each of 8 and 24 strains, respectively, of Rhizobium japonicum and surveyed for H2 evolution and C2H2 reduction rates nodule weight, and plant dry weight. Six of the strains (3Ilb 110, USDA 122, USDA(More)
The interaction between the ATP-dependent evolution of H(2) catalyzed by nitrogenase and the oxidation of H(2) via a hydrogenase has been postulated to influence the efficiency of the N(2)-fixing process in nodulated legumes. A comparative study using soybean (Glycine max L. Merr.) cv. Anoka inoculated with either Rhizobium japonicum strain USDA 31 or USDA(More)
Cane splitting, a normal feature of raspberry growth, can lead to plant infestation by cane midge followed by fungal infection, with losses in yield of up to 50 % if left untreated. The extent of splitting in the Latham × Glen Moy reference mapping population was assessed over six years and in three environments and quantitative trait loci (QTL) were(More)
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