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1. The plasma 25-hydroxycholecalciferol [25-(OH)D3] response to measured u.v. irradiation applied thrice weekly for 10 weeks was investigated in normal and in anticonvulsant-treated subjects. 2. Levels of plasma 25-(OH)D3 achieved after u.v. irradiation were similar in both normal and anticonvulsant-treated subjects, suggesting that hepatic microsomal(More)
Autoimmune polyendocrinopathy type 1 (APS1) is an autosomal recessive disorder characterized by autoimmune hypoparathyroidism, autoimmune adrenocortical failure, and mucocutaneous candidiasis. Recently, an autoimmune regulator gene (AIRE-1), which is located on chromosome 21q22.3, has been identified, and mutations in European kindreds with APS1 have been(More)
BACKGROUND Turner syndrome accounts for 15-20% of childhood usage of growth hormone (GH) in the UK but final height benefit remains uncertain. The most effective strategy for oestrogen replacement is also unclear. METHODS Fifty eight girls who, at start of treatment, were of mean age 9.1 years and projected final height 142.2 cm were randomised to receive(More)
AIMS To evaluate the effect of the administration of growth hormone on stature, body weight, and body composition in children aged between 4 and 10 years with Prader-Willi syndrome. METHODS Height, weight, and skinfold thickness were recorded in 25 children using standard anthropometric techniques at recruitment, and six months later, shortly before the(More)
It is evident from measures of butyltin tissue burdens and imposex or intersex in neogastropods that tributyltin (TBT) contamination of coastal waters and open parts of the North Sea is now low. It has been declining for at least the past decade. This is probably due to two measures. First, regulations prohibiting the use of TBT-based paints on small boats(More)
About 10% of children with CF develop hepatic cirrhosis and progressive portal hypertension. As the portal hypertension worsens these children are likely to develop serious variceal bleeding and other complications including malnutrition and a decline in respiratory function. Indices of lung function may fall as much as 50% in a year and chest infections(More)
In Europe young patients with Graves' disease are usually treated with antithyroid drugs initially, then if hyperthyroidism recurs after a prolonged course of such medication, they are offered definitive treatment by subtotal or total thyroidectomy. Neither of these forms of treatment is free from problems. Impressed with the simplicity and safety record of(More)
Review of 20 patients with glucocorticoid deficiency (three cases also with salt loss) associated with absent tear secretion (19 cases) and achalasia of the cardia (15 cases) revealed neurological abnormalities in 17 including hyper-reflexia, muscle weakness, dysarthria, and ataxia together with impaired intelligence and abnormal autonomic function,(More)
A brother and sister are described with severe microcephaly of prenatal onset, normal intellectual and motor development, chromosomal breakage and cellular immunodeficiency, which is characteristic of the autosomal recessive condition, Nijmegen breakage syndrome. The proband was a girl who presented at 15 months, with normal developmental milestones and an(More)