Nikitha Nandhagopal

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The Mannose-binding β-Prism Colocasia esculenta lectin (β-PCL) was purified from tubers using ion exchange chromatography. The purified β-PCL appeared as a single band of ∼12kDa on SDS-PAGE. β-PCL crystallizes in trigonal space group P3121 and diffracted to a resolution of 2.1Å. The structure was solved using Molecular replacement using Crocus vernus lectin(More)
BACKGROUND We previously developed and validated a strategy for stimulating heart regeneration by administration of recombinant neuregulin (rNRG1), a growth factor, in mice. rNRG1 stimulated proliferation of heart muscle cells, cardiomyocytes, and was most effective when administration began during the neonatal period. Our results suggested the use of rNRG1(More)
Our Goal is to increase the accuracy of brain tumor detection and classification and thereby replace conventional invasive and time consuming techniques. Here a new technique is proposed to classify the brain MRI images and to detect the brain tumor using probabilistic neural network. The proposed methodology comprises of three phases. 1) Discrete wavelet(More)
Allergy is an abnormal immune response against an innocuous target. Food allergy is an adverse reaction caused by common foods most well-known being those involving peanuts. Apart from mono sensitized food allergy, cross-reactivity with other food allergens is also commonly observed. To understand the phenomenon of cross-reactivity related to immune(More)
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