Nikitha Ganesh

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Localization in wireless network refers to determining the location of a mobile user which may either be stationary or in motion. This paper presents the design and evaluation of an algorithm for localization of mobile nodes in GSM networks. The proposed algorithm does not use GPS and has the advantages of being cost effective and reliable. The received(More)
In this research we consider the problem of detecting malicious Java applets, based on static analysis. Dynamic analysis can be more informative, since it is immune to many common obfuscation techniques, while static analysis is often more efficient, since it does not require code execution or emulation. Consequently, static analysis is generally preferred,(More)
We propose a architecture that integrates cloud database services with data confidentiality and the possibility of executing concurrent operations on encrypted data. The proposed architecture is based on TPC-C standard benchmark for different number of clients and network latencies. Data and metadata are encrypted through the same encryption before being(More)
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