Nikitas Papangelopoulos

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Successful predictions of peptide MHC binding typically require a large set of binding data for the specific MHC molecule that is examined. Structure based prediction methods promise to circumvent this requirement by evaluating the physical contacts a peptide can make with an MHC molecule based on the highly conserved 3D structure of peptide:MHC complexes.(More)
IEDB-3D is the 3D structural component of the Immune Epitope Database (IEDB) available via the 'Browse by 3D Structure' page at IEDB-3D catalogs B- and T-cell epitopes and Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) ligands for which 3D structures of complexes with antibodies, T-cell receptors or MHC molecules are available in the Protein(More)
SUMMARY EchoLOCATION is a database that provides a comprehensive analysis of the subcellular locations of Escherichia coli K-12 proteins. Locations are predicted by integrating data from a range of publicly available algorithms combined with extensive curation of experimental literature. The data can be searched in a variety of ways and can generate lists(More)
Molecular dynamics simulations are used to describe the patterns, strength, and properties of protein behavior, drug-receptor interactions, the solvation of molecules, the conformational changes that a protein or molecule may undergo under various conditions, and other events that require the systematic evaluation of molecular properties in dynamic(More)
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