Nikitas M. Sgouros

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One of the most important parts of a story is its ending. This is the point in which all open questions and conflicts in the narrative must be resolved. This paper presents a dynamic resolution method for interactive stories. The type of stories we support allows the user to participate as one of the characters and influence dynamically the development of(More)
We describe a novel global path planning method for autonomous qualitative navigation in indoor environments. Global path planning operates on top of a qualitative map of the environment that describes variations in sensor behavior between adjacent regions in space. The method takes into consideration the global topology of the environment and applies a set(More)
We describe a novel architecture for indoor navigation, based on qualitative representations of the variations in the interactions between the robot and its environment. We use these representations to localize and guide planning and reaction. Off-line, the system accepts as input a topological diagram of the environment. It then uses numerical simulation(More)
We describe a novel dynamic dramatization method for narrative presentations. This method accepts as input the original story material, along with a description of its plot written in a special-purpose language. It then analyzes the plot to iden~ interesting dramatic situations in the story. Based on this content analysis, a presentation manager organizes(More)
Shape Similarity and Retrieval 2 2 Abstract Although there is a growing need for Content-Based Image Retrieval systems, their use is often hampered by significant computational complexity and their inability to explain to their users the reasoning behind the similarity and retrieval processes they employ. This paper introduces Turning Function Difference(More)