Nikitas A. Alexandridis

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In this paper, we propose a unified model for indexing and retrieving multimedia data using characteristic features and multiresolution processing. All multimedia data types, such as audio and video, are represented as a k-dimensional signal in a spatio-temporal domain [3]. A k-dimensional signal is transformed into characteristic features and these(More)
Job Management Systems (JMSs) efficiently schedule and monitor jobs in parallel and distributed computing environments. Therefore, they are critical for improving the utilization of expensive resources in high-performance computing systems and centers, and an important component of grid software infrastructure. With many JMSs available commercially and in(More)
We present a uniform construct of parallel programming for a set of image processing tasks based on our Distributed Computing Primitive DCP concept. Our target architecture is a heterogeneous computing network system consisting of various high performance workstations connected through a local area network. We show that DCP has advantages over non-primitive(More)
Reconfigurable Computers (RCs) can leverage the synergism between conventional processors and FPGAs to provide low-level hardware functionality at the same level of programmability as general-purpose computers. In a large class of applications, the total I/O time is comparable or even greater than the computations time. As a result, the rate of the DMA(More)
Reconfigurable hardware resources are very expensive, and yet can be underutilized. This paper describes a middleware capable of discovering underutilized computing nodes with FPGA-based accelerator boards in a networked environment. Using an extended Job management system (JMS), this middleware permits sharing reconfigurable resources at least among the(More)
Massively mesh-connected parallel machines are an efficient and scalable class of computer systems used to execute supercomputing applications. In such systems, a number of independent smaller tasks (from the same or different applications) come in, each requiring at run time a separate subsystem (or partition) to execute. There is a need for the operating(More)
Reconfigurable Computers can leverage the synergism between conventional processors and FPGAs to provide both hardware functionalities and general-purpose computers flexibility. In a large class of applications on these platforms, the data-transfer overheads can be comparable or even greater than the useful computations which can degrade the overall(More)
Researchers are currently more interested in searching for fragments that are similar to a query, than a total data item that is similar to a query; the search interest is for " contains " , not " is ". This paper presents an) (logn O algorithm, called the " generalized virtual node (GVN) " algorithm; the GVN algorithm is a search algorithm for data(More)