Nikita V Radionov

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Accumulation of soluble sugars (sucrose, fructose, and glucose), proline, phenols (total phenols and flavonoids), and antocyanins during adaptation to low-temperature stress (4°C) of two lines of spring rape (Brassica napus L., cv. Westar) characterized by weak (Bn-1) and strong (Bn-3) expression of the Osmyb4 transgene was studied. Vegetatively propagated(More)
We consider second harmonic generation (SHG) of ultrashort pulses in the case of strong phase- and group-velocity mismatch. Spectral fringes appear in the second harmonic related to two delayed replicas of the fundamental pulse in the time domain. The fringe separation can be used to evaluate the group-velocity and refractive index of nonlinear crystals at(More)
In this study, we found the sixth site of alternative splicing (SS6) of neurexin 1a from the rat brain. This site is located between the fifth LNS and the third EGF-like domains. The insertion in the SS6 site corresponds to the 9-residue peptide VALMKADLQ, which is conserved among animals. We demonstrated that the SS6 insertion regulates tissue-specific(More)
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