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Wireless sensor networks are vulnerable against various types of external and internal attacks being limited by computation resources, smaller memory capacity, limited battery life, processing power & lack of tamper resistant packaging. The black hole attack is one of the well-known security threats in wireless sensor networks. The intruders utilize the(More)
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) suffers from variety of threats such as operational lifetime of sensor nodes and security for information carried by sensor nodes. There is an increasing threat of malicious nodes attack on WSN. Black Hole attack is one of the security thread in which the traffic is redirected to such a node that actually does not exist in(More)
Cloud Computing is the latest technology that is used by many organizations in this competitive world. As many organizations are using cloud computing, the major issue that has arised is security. In single cloud there are many security issues and the possibility of malicious insiders is also high. But in multi clouds the security issues has become less for(More)
In wireless sensor networks (WSNs) the basic component is represented by the nodes . The sensor nodes consumes energy during sensing, processing and transmission. Aggregation of data from multiple sensor nodes which is done at the aggregating node is to be performed by simple method such as averaging. In Wireless sensor network power and energy resources(More)
Computers are designed to execute instructions one after another. Those instructions normally do useful calculations, maintain databases and communicate with users on other systems. Sometimes, the instruction execution can be damaging or malicious in nature. When that happens by accident, we call it a code involved a software bug or cause an unexpected(More)
Nowadays the use of internet is increasing at a great speed. Eventually the data on the web is also increasing. Retrieval of useful information from such a big huge amount of data is a challenging issue. Many web information gathering systems are there which try to gather useful information from the bulks of data. The user profiles are created for this(More)
In present time, there is a huge growth of digital images and video archives. Some of these are very important for user point of view. These collections of digital images most of the time may be for personal use and may be for public use. For searching images from database always need secure and efficient techniques, which occurs by the proper arrangement(More)
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