Nikita Trehan

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Brahmi Rasayan, an Ayurvedic preparation, was studied in rodents for its antiinflammatory effects at po doses ranging between 1 and 10 g/kg. The drug suppressed various experimentally induced inflammatory reactions and did not show any gastric irritation in antiinflammatory doses. It is suggested that it may partially mediate its antiinflammatory activity(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To demonstrate the technique of laparoscopic vaginal reconstruction in a rare case of mid-vaginal septum with secondary infertility. DESIGN A step-by-step explanation of the technique using videos and pictures (Canadian Task Force classification IV). SETTING Transverse vaginal septum is a rare condition, with an incidence of only 1 in(More)
The present study confirmed our earlier preliminary observation of induction of high SCEs in 1 day sleep-deprived healthy volunteers and showed that the property of induction of high SCE by after-sleep-deprived (ASD) plasma was retained both in 50% ammonium sulphate precipitates and in the dialysed plasma using a membrane of 12 kDa porocity. Further,(More)
Most of the surgeons find it difficult to perform myomectomy when it bleeds during the procedure as it becomes difficult to get into the correct plane of dissection. If this bleeding or blood staining of tissues is prevented it will be easier to get into the correct plane of dissection. In several studies, it is found that bilateral uterine artery ligation,(More)
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