Nikita Synytskyy

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Previous research shows that most software systems contain significant amounts of duplicated, or cloned, code. Some clones are exact duplicates of each other, while others differ in small details only. We designate these almost-perfect clones as " near-miss " clones. While technically difficult, detection of near-miss clones has many benefits, both academic(More)
Any attempt at automated software analysis or modification must be preceded by a comprehension step, i.e. parsing. This task, while often considered straightforward, can in fact be made very challenging depending on the source code in question. Files that make up web applications serve as an example of such difficult-to-parse artifacts, for two reasons.(More)
Cloning is extremely likely to occur in Web sites, much more so than in other software. While some clones exist for valid reasons, or are too small to eliminate, cloning percentages of 30% or higher-not uncommon in Web sites-suggest that some improvements can be made. Finding and resolving the clones in Web documents is rather challenging, however: syntax(More)
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