Nikita Spirin

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Search engines became a de facto place to start information acquisition on the Web. Though due to web spam phenomenon, search results are not always as good as desired. Moreover, spam evolves that makes the problem of providing high quality search even more challenging. Over the last decade research on adversarial information retrieval has gained a lot of(More)
Domain expertise is regarded as one of the key factors impacting search success: experts are known to write more effective queries, to select the right results on the result page, and to find answers satisfying their information needs. Search transaction logs play the crucial role in the result ranking. Yet despite the variety in expertise levels of users,(More)
Systemic rheumatological diseases are often accompanied by the development of central and peripheral nervous system pathology. Data providing evidence of the high incidence of peripheral nervous system lesions in systemic lupus erythematosus and systemic scleroderma are presented. These diseases in particular are characterized by polyneuropathies and tunnel(More)
BACKGROUND NSAIDs are widely used for patients presenting with low back pain. A quick-release formulation of lornoxicam, a potent NSAID from the chemical class of oxicams, offers a faster onset of pain relief compared with the standard tablet formulation. METHODS Time to onset of pain relief with lornoxicam was compared with the quick-release formulation(More)
MRI scans were obtained of the cervical section of the spinal cords of 30 patients with remitting multiple sclerosis. During the study period, patients received immunomodulatory agents (seven received interferon β-1a, 13 received interferon β-1b, and 10 received glatiramer acetate). Total focus volume in brain matter was assessed before and after treatment,(More)
One of the important components of effective treatment оf multiple sclerosis is adherence to therapy and long-term patient compliance, as well as timely detection and correction of adverse events. Using disease modifying drugs (DMD) in general medical practice is very different from that in clinical trials, in particular, there is no uniform approach to(More)
An epidemiological study was conducted in 2004-2006 in two districts of Kostroma with the total adult population 108 284 people (48 728 men, 59 556 women). Over the period studied, there were 630 patients with verified diagnosis of stroke. The stroke morbidity was 1.9-2.0 cases per 1000 people, ischemic strokes--1.5-1.8 (85%), hemorrhagic strokes--0.2-0.4(More)
Popular online social networks (OSN) generate hundreds of terabytes of new data per day and connect millions of users. To help users cope with the immense scale and influx of new information, OSNs provide a search functionality. However, most of the search engines in OSNs today only support keyword queries and provide basic faceted search capabilities(More)
A frequent manifestation of multiple sclerosis (MS) is chronic fatigue syndrome, which can be defined as a subjective decrease in the level of physical and/or mental energy. Chronic fatigue syndrome can be divided into asthenia (fatigue at rest), pathological fatigability (fatigue on physical loading), and fatigue on the background of deterioration of other(More)
Aiming to improve user experience for a job search engine, in this paper we propose an idea to switch from query-biased snippets used by most web search engines to rich structured snippets associated with the main sections of a job posting page, which are more appropriate for job search due to specific user needs and the structure of job pages. We present a(More)