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SINEBase (http://sines.eimb.ru) integrates the revisited body of knowledge about short interspersed elements (SINEs). A set of formal definitions concerning SINEs was introduced. All available sequence data were screened through these definitions and the genetic elements misidentified as SINEs were discarded. As a result, 175 SINE families have been(More)
Band shift assays were used to study proteins from the fission yeast that bind double-stranded telomeric repeat sequences. We also examine general DNA binding properties of the telobox domain, which characterizes telomere-binding proteins from a range of species. We demonstrate that Taz1p has a high affinity for the fission yeast telomeric repeat,(More)
Recent metagenomic studies in insects identified many sequences unexpectedly closely related to plant virus genes. Here we describe a new example of this kind, insect R1 LINEs with an additional C-terminal domain in their open reading frame 2. This domain is similar to NTPase/helicase (SF1H) domains, which are found in replicative proteins encoded by plant(More)
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