Nikita Kalashnikov

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Polyhedral nano- and microstructures with shapes of faceted needles, rods, rings, barrels, and double-tipped pyramids, which we call graphite polyhedral crystals (GPCs), have been discovered. They were found in pores of glassy carbon. They have nanotube cores and graphite faces, and they can exhibit unusual sevenfold, ninefold, or more complex axial(More)
Innovation in microfluidics-based biological research has been aided by the growing accessibility of versatile microscale fabrication techniques, particularly in rapid prototyping of elastomeric polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) based devices. However, the use of PDMS presents considerable and often unexpected limitations, particularly in interpreting and(More)
The presence of plasmid pKM101 in Escherichia coli cells results in a slight increase in their sensitivity of lethal effect of formaldehyde. Plasmid ability to sensitize bacterial cells to formaldehyde inactivation is controlled by some chromosomal (uvrE, uvrA, recA) and plasmid-borne (mucAB) genes and depends on SOS-DNA repair activity. Plasmid pKM101 is(More)
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