Nikita Fedorov

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This paper is focused on discussion of various experimental techniques that are used to measure non-linear coefficients of refraction and absorption in optical glasses. These techniques are usually classified as z-scan and pump-probe like methods. Measurements at different wavelengths enable to study non-linear properties of highly non-linear chalcogenide(More)
We demonstrate a tunable all-optical gating phenomenon in a single-section quantum dot laser. The free-running operation of the device is emission from the excited state. Optical injection into the ground state of the material can induce a switch to emission from the ground state with complete suppression of the excited state. If the master laser is detuned(More)
Quantum dot lasers can lase from the ground state only, simultaneously from both the ground and first excited states and from the excited state only. We examine the influence of optical injection at frequencies close to the ground state when the free-running operation of the device is excited state lasing only. We demonstrate the existence of an(More)
Rubidium titanyl phosphate (RTP) is widely used for electro-optical applications at low switching voltages. RTP is nonhygroscopic and does not induce piezoelectric ringing up to the megahertz range. It has large electro-optic (EO) coefficients and a high damage threshold. We present here the EO coefficient wavelength dispersion measurements in the [550,950](More)
The current-voltage IV characteristics of SIS junctions are calculated in the framework of a multiband model with an anisotropic effective order parameter of HTSC. The results of calculations show that the shape of IV characteristic and the density of electron states changes significantly depending on the parameters of the model. A theoretical explanation(More)
We report on 400 nm broadband type I frequency doubling in a noncollinear geometry with pulse-front-tilted and chirped femtosecond pulses (λ =800  nm; Fourier transform limited pulse duration, 45 fs). With moderate power densities (2 to 10  GW/cm2) thus avoiding higher-order nonlinear phenomena, the energy conversion efficiency was up to 65%.(More)
To examine patients suffering from diseases of the nervous system, use was made of a programmed apparatus complex that ensures an automated analysis of echosignals from different parts of the third and lateral ventricles. The complex is assembled on the basis of microcomputer. The method suggested has been demonstrated to be informative in the diagnosis of(More)
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