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Artificial Intelligence and the Future of the Drug Safety Professional
The healthcare industry, and specifically the pharmacovigilance industry, recognizes the need to support the increasing amount of data received from individual case safety reports (ICSRs). To copeExpand
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Artificial Intelligence Within Pharmacovigilance: A Means to Identify Cognitive Services and the Framework for Their Validation
We developed a framework to identify areas across the PV value chain that can be augmented by cognitive service solutions using the methodologies of contextual analysis and cognitive load theory. Expand
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Training Augmented Intelligent Capabilities for Pharmacovigilance: Applying Deep-learning Approaches to Individual Case Safety Report Processing
A consortium of ten cognitive services to augment aspects of ICSR processing were identified and trained through deep-learning approaches. Expand
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Application of Augmented Intelligence for Pharmacovigilance Case Seriousness Determination
Introduction Identification of adverse events and determination of their seriousness ensures timely detection of potential patient safety concerns. Adverse event seriousness is a key factor inExpand
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