Niki Papavramidou

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Blood-letting was a common therapeutic method in antiquity; many means were used to draw blood, including the application of leeches. In this paper, ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine authors up to the 7th century AD were studied, a research that provided us with references that may be divided into two groups: those related to the medicinal use of leeches,(More)
Cancer appears in medical history as early as 1600 BC in the Edwin Smith papyrus, where the oldest description of the illness exists. However, the origin of the word ''cancer'' is credited to the Hippocratic physicians, who used the terms karkinos and karkinoma in order to describe tumors. Karkinos was used for any nonhealing swelling or ulcerous formation,(More)
3 Summary 2EMHFWLYH: This paper presents liver abscesses, as studied in the ancient Greek and Greco-Roman bibliography. 0HWKRGV: Numerous references concerning this entity can be found in the writings of the Hippocratic doctors (5 th cent. B.C.), Archigenes of Apamea (1 st cent. A.D.), Galen (2 nd cent. A.D.), Aretaeus of Cappadocia (2 nd cent. A.D),(More)
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