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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Acute activation of κ opioid (KOP) receptors results in anticocaine-like effects, but adverse effects, such as dysphoria, aversion, sedation and depression, limit their clinical development. Salvinorin A, isolated from the plant Salvia divinorum, and its semi-synthetic analogues have been shown to have potent KOP receptor agonist(More)
BACKGROUND Drugs activating the mu opioid receptor are routinely used to treat severe acute and chronic pain. Unfortunately, side effects including nausea, constipation, respiratory depression, addiction and tolerance can limit clinical utility. In contrast, kappa opioid receptor (KOPr) agonists, such as Salvinorin A (SalA), have analgesic properties with(More)
The study of human malaria has been hampered by the lack of small animal models for the human-infecting malarial parasites. To approach this problem, the erythrocytic stages of the human malarial parasite Plasmodium falciparum were adapted to in vitro growth in the presence of ascites fluid from mice homozygous for the severe-combined immunodeficiency(More)
OBJECTIVES Fetuin-A is a circulating glycoprotein, formed in the liver. It regulates bone remodelling and calcium metabolism. Fetuin-A has adipogenic properties, so fat accumulation in the liver may be associated with higher levels of fetuin-A. Fetuin-A is an inhibitor of the phosphorylation of the insulin receptor tyrosine kinase. KEY FINDINGS High(More)
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