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  • N. Sethi
  • 1980
The earliest recorded solar eclipse was on October 22, 2137 BC as mentioned in the Chinese 'Slue Ching'. The Chaldean astronomer in about 400 BC discovered that eclipses occur in regular succession at an interval of about 18 years, the cycle being called the Chaldean Saros. The exact interval is 223 lunatians or 6585.3 days. Out of a total of 65 eclipses in(More)
We present a tool, called Cascade, to check assertions in C programs as part of a multi-stage verification strategy. Cascade takes as input a C program and a control file (the output of an earlier stage) that specifies one or more assertions to be checked together with (optionally) some restrictions on program behaviors. For each assertion, Cascade produces(More)
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