Nikhil Mathew Kurien

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Oral submucous fibrosis is a chronic debilitating disease characterized by gradually increasing fibrosis of the oral cavity and pharynx, mainly the buccal mucosa, resulting in trismus. Prepotency of the disease is seen in the Indian subcontinent, with its highest incidence in South India due to various deleterious habits. In spite of the numerous medical(More)
Lipomas are rare in oral and maxillofacial regions although they are the most common tumours of mesenchymal origin in human body. The etiology remains unclear. Various different theories explain the pathogenesis of this adipose tissue tumour and also different histological variants of oral lipoma have been given in literature. A case of intraoral lipoma(More)
INTRODUCTION Intramuscular hemangioma, is a distinctive type of vascular tumor occurring within the skeletal muscle. Most IMH are located in the lower extremity, particularly in the muscles of the thigh and rarely in head and neck region. PRESENTATION OF CASE 35 years old male reported with a swelling in the left cheek region since 3 years. Clinical and(More)
INTRODUCTION In a condylar fracture whether to intervene or to go for conservative management still remains a dilemma. Studies and hypothesis suggests that it's medially dislocated condylar fracture segment that is more likely to ankylose, moreover no consensus have been put forth as to whether to remove the medially displaced fracture segment. (More)
International Journal of Case Reports and Images (IJCRI) is an international, peer reviewed, monthly, open access, online journal, publishing high-quality, articles in all areas of basic medical sciences and clinical specialties. Aim of IJCRI is to encourage the publication of new information by providing a platform for reporting of unique, unusual and rare(More)
Human growth and development is a meticulously planned and precisely executed process. Even a mild disturbance can have clinically significant manifestations later on. Even today, ancient beliefs and practices override/delay patient's aspiration for seeking treatment as seen in the case report presented here. Congenital bifid tongue in association with(More)
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