Nikhil Kini

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The process of converting human spoken speech into text is performed by an Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) system. While functional examples of speech recognition can be seen in day-to-day use, most of these work under constraints of a limited domain, and/or use of additional cues to enhance the speech-to-text conversion process. However, for natural(More)
We describe a system to address the MediaEval 2014 C@merata task of natural language queries on classical music scores. Our system first tokenizes the question to tag the musically relevant features in the question using pattern matching. In this stage suitable word replacements are made in the question based on a list of synonyms. Using the tokenized(More)
Personalization – the customization of experiences, interfaces, and content to individual users – has catalyzed user growth and engagement for many web services. A critical prerequisite to personalization is establishing user identity. However the variety of devices, including mobile phones, appliances, and smart watches, from which users access web(More)
The summary and key ideas of a technical paper is textual in the form of keywords, abstracts, introductions and conclusions. More can certainly be done to improve the presentation of information in long papers, especially ones with long sentences. We present representations of a technical paper at three granularities the document level, the paragraph level,(More)
This paper explores a method to answer natural language musicological queries against electronic music scores, with the aim of developing a complete grammar specification in the domain. Our system takes a three step approach to finding the answers to the queries first, it replaces the musical features in the question with our own tags in a key value form,(More)
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