Nikhil J. Joshi

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The aim of our study was to evaluate the causes of retinal arterial occlusive disease in African American patients and to compare these etiologies with those observed in Caucasian patients with retinal ischemic symptoms. METHODS We performed a retrospective analysis of a series of consecutive patients evaluated by both the(More)
Intracranial hemorrhage (ICH) is the most feared complication of thrombolytic therapy for acute ischemic stroke. There are limited data on the risks of thrombolysis in patients with asymptomatic intracranial aneurysm. We report 2 adults with signs of hemispheric ischemia who were successfully treated with intravenous tissue plasminogen activator (t-PA),(More)
What is the relationship between the complexity and the fitness of evolved organisms, whether natural or artificial? It has been asserted, primarily based on empirical data, that the complexity of plants and animals increases as their fitness within a particular environment increases via evolution by natural selection. We simulate the evolution of the(More)
We report the first observation of the doubly Cabibbo-suppressed decays D(+)→K(+)η((')) using a 791 fb(-1) data sample collected with the Belle detector at the KEKB asymmetric-energy e(+)e(-) collider. The ratio of the branching fractions of doubly Cabibbo-suppressed relative to singly Cabibbo-suppressed D(+)→π(+)η((')) decays are(More)
We report new measurements of the decays B+-->rho+gamma, B0-->rho0gamma, and B0-->omegagamma using a data sample of 657x10(6) B meson pairs accumulated with the Belle detector at the KEKB e+e- collider. We measure branching fractions B(B+-->rho+gamma)=(8.7_-2.7-1.1;+2.9+0.9)x10(-7), B(B0-->rho0gamma)=(7.8_-1.6-1.0;+1.7+0.9)x10(-7), and(More)
The interference fragmentation function translates the fragmentation of a quark with a transverse projection of the spin into an azimuthal asymmetry of two final-state hadrons. In e(+)e(-) annihilation the product of two interference fragmentation functions is measured. We report nonzero asymmetries for pairs of charge-ordered π(+)π(-) pairs, which indicate(More)
The process gammagamma-->phiJ/psi is measured using a data sample of 825 fb{-1} collected with the Belle detector. A narrow peak of 8.8{-3.2}{+4.2} events, with a significance of 3.2 standard deviations including systematic uncertainty, is observed. The mass and natural width of the structure [named X(4350)] are measured to be(More)
We report the first search for CP-violating decays of the Upsilon(4S) using a data sample that contains 535 x 10(6) Upsilon(4S) mesons with the Belle detector at the KEKB asymmetric-energy e(+)e(-) collider. A partial reconstruction technique is employed to enhance the signal sensitivity. No significant signals were observed. We obtain an upper limit of 4 x(More)