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Traditional file systems provide a weak and inadequate structure for meaningful representations of file interrelationships and other context-providing metadata. Existing designs, which store additional file-oriented metadata either in a database, on disk, or both are limited by the technologies upon which they depend. Moreover, they do not provide for(More)
As the number and variety of files stored and accessed by a typical user has dramatically increased, existing file system structures have begun to fail as a mechanism for managing all of the information contained in those files. Many applications—email clients, multimedia management applications, and desktop search engines are examples— have been forced to(More)
The growth in metadata has been triggered by two key catalyzing events. The first is the explosive growth in storage size and storage demands. As the number and variety of files grows the need for metadata to organize this information windfall becomes more critical. An example of this need for metadata can be seen in music collections where filenames and(More)
Although boosting methods have become an extremely important classification method, there has been little attention paid to boosting with asymmetric losses. In this paper we take a gradient descent view of boosting in order to motivate a new boosting variant called BiBoost which treats the two classes differently. This variant is likely to perform well when(More)
Personal video streaming websites have become common on the Internet. They are increasingly used by broadcasters, bands, and entertainers as performance spaces and community gathering places for "fans". In order to understand how such live broadcasting sites fare as venues for gigs and for the maintenance of fan communities, we studied a video streaming(More)
Managing storage in the face of relentless growth in the number and variety of files on storage systems creates demand for rich file system metadata as is made evident by the recent emergence of rich metadata support in many applications as well as file systems. Yet, little support exists for sharing metadata across file systems even though it is not(More)
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