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The image depends on the Human perception and is also based on the Machine Vision System. The Image Retrieval is based on the color Histogram, texture. The perception of the Human System of Image is based on the Human Neurons which hold the 10 12 of Information; the Human brain continuously learns with the sensory organs like eye which transmits the Image(More)
In these days, people are using social networking sites for sharing their life moments as images. And another side other users can access or even download those digital images. Faker can exploits by editing and modifying the original image. Modify images can then be upload and share. The illegal use of personal image comes under copyright law. This research(More)
We consider the problem of discovering frequent item sets and association rules between items in a large database of transactional databases acquired under uncertainty. A probabilistic database considered here is one in which with each transaction associated is a probability, represents the confidence that the transaction will occur with given associated(More)
— Software security failures are common and a long standing challenge to the research community. We can conceptualize the vulnerability of an application through its attack surface size. A system's attack surface is an indicator of the system's security. Unfortunately predicting software's future attack surface size during design phase in earlier stage of(More)
Traffic modeling and classification find importance in many areas such as bandwidth management, traffic analysis, prediction and engineering, network planning, Quality of Service provisioning and anomalous traffic detection. Much of research work has been done in the area of network traffic classification by application type and several classifiers are(More)
Weka4WS adopts the emerging Web Services Resource Framework (WSRF) for accessing remote data mining algorithms and managing distributed computations. The Weka4WS user interface is a modified Weka Explorer environment that supports the execution of both local and remote data mining tasks. Workflow environments are widely used in data mining systems to manage(More)
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