Nike T Cacoullos

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HER-2/neu is a self-antigen expressed by tumors and nonmalignant epithelial tissues. The possibility of self-tolerance to HER-2/neu-derived epitopes has raised questions concerning their utility in antitumor immunotherapy. Altered HER-2/neu peptide ligands capable of eliciting enhanced immunity to tumor-associated HER-2/neu epitopes may circumvent this(More)
IL-21 plays a role in the proliferation and maturation of NK cells developed from hematopoietic stem cells. In this study, we found that IL-21, in the presence of physiological concentration of hydrocortisone (HC), has a significant impact on the functions of NK cells derived from umbilical cord blood (CB) populations. We demonstrate that IL-21, in(More)
The present study investigated the ability of supernatants collected from cultures of healthy donor-derived peripheral blood mononuclear cells (HD-PBMCs) stimulated with anti-CD3 monoclonal antibody (MAb) (allogeneic CD3 supernatants; ACD3S) to induce, upon brief exposure, tumour-reactive cytotoxic lymphocytes in cancer patients' PBMCs. ACD3S enhanced(More)
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