Nika Pusenjak

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BACKGROUND In recent years, biofeedback has become increasingly popular for its proven success in peak performance training - the psychophysiological preparation of athletes for high-stakes sport competitions, such as the Olympic games. The aim of this research was to test whether an 8-week period of exposure to biofeedback training could improve the(More)
BACKGROUND It had been demonstrated that sugars from various plants can act as potent agents, which induce apoptosis of cancer cells. METHODS Using HPLC, we fractionated a mixture of two plant extracts from the plant family Solanaceae, namely Capsicum chinense and the plant family Amaryllidaceae namely Allium sativum. We evaluated the effect of different(More)
This paper describes the basic structure and functionalities of a novel car driving simulator for a realistic simulation of various road and traffic conditions, and realistic car behavior on different terrains. Its main and most innovative component is a powerful and fast responsive 4DOF motion platform consisting of four electro motors. The proposed(More)
We demonstrate a low latency respiratory/breathing frequency detection system that is fast (<5 ms), easy to operate, requires no batteries or external power supply and operates fully via computer-standard USB connection. Exercises in controlling ones breathing frequency, usually referred to as paced-breathing exercises, have shown positive effects in(More)
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