Nika Bagheri

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PURPOSE To determine the association between baseline subfoveal choroidal thickness and short-term response to intravitreal anti-vascular endothelial growth factor (anti-VEGF) therapy in diabetic macular edema (DME). DESIGN Retrospective, consecutive case series. METHODS Fifty-three eyes from 42 patients diagnosed with treatment-naïve DME were treated(More)
Insights into sequential leukocyte-endothelial interactions during leukocyte trafficking have been obtained through experiments using human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVEC) under flow conditions. To investigate leukocyte-brain endothelial cell interactions, we developed a dynamic in vitro system, using Transfected Human Brain Microvascular(More)
Acute vision loss can be transient (lasting <24 hours) or persistent (lasting >24 hours). When patients present with acute vision loss, it is important to ascertain the duration of vision loss and whether it is a unilateral process affecting one eye or a bilateral process affecting both eyes. This article focuses on causes of acute vision loss in the(More)
BACKGROUND Retinoschisis, or retinal lamellar splitting, can occur in a number of hereditary conditions. The most common cause of congenital or childhood onset retinoschisis is the clinical entity known as juvenile retinoschsis, which is caused by mutations in the X-linked retinoschisis 1 gene. Genes other than X-linked retinoschisis 1 gene have rarely been(More)
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