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Affective computer interfaces improve human-computer interaction by enabling the communication of the user's emotional state. To this end, subtle non-verbal methods of communication provide a rich source of information which may provide valuable affective context to the human-computer interaction. Of particular note are physiological indicators of affective(More)
BACKGROUND Designing RCTs in surgery requires consideration of existing evidence, stakeholders' views and emerging interventions, to ensure that research questions are relevant to patients, surgeons and the health service. When there is uncertainty about RCT design, feasibility work is recommended. This study aimed to assess how feasibility work could(More)
In chronic pulmonary emboli, lung perfusion may be maintained by either recanalization of occluded pulmonary artery segments or collateral bronchial circulation. We present a case of noncardiogenic pulmonary edema superimposed on chronic pulmonary emboli, in which the occluded segments of lung were spared from pulmonary edema, but not from neutrophil(More)
BACKGROUND Establishing a diagnosis of giant cell arteritis, or indeed ruling it out, may be difficult. We describe an evaluation of temporal artery colour duplex ultrasound as first line investigation in patients with suspected giant cell arteritis. METHODS A retrospective cohort study of all patients undergoing colour duplex ultrasound for suspected(More)
Parenchymal sparing surgery is frequently appropriate in patients with familial renal tumors detected through the screening of affected kindreds. An enucleation technique for the rapid removal and hemostasis of multiple small renal tumors in patients with hereditary renal cancers is described herein. This technique facilitates the removal of multiple small(More)
Affective computing applications hold promise to revolutionize human-computer interaction by enabling more natural and intuitive interaction modalities. These may include the communication of vocal expressions, physiological signals or other non-verbal indicators of underlying affective state. Although the field has experienced substantial expansion in(More)
Oral contraceptives have been implicated in the development of hepatic cellular adenomas (HCA) and associated in at least one report with focal nodular hyperplasia (FNH). Recurrence of lesions or progression while the patient is no longer receiving exogenous steroids is less well documented. Three cases are reported in which progression or recurrence of HCA(More)