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A well-known limitation of sigma delta modulators is the generation of limit cycle oscillations for DC and slow varying inputs. These limit cycles give rise to undesired tones at the output of the modulator which result in the deterioration of the signal to noise ratio (SNR). However, the use of high dither signal amplitude results in raising the inband(More)
This paper presents a system on chip for a fully implantable cochlear implant. It includes acoustic sensor frontend, 4-channel digital sound processing and auditory nerve stimulation circuitry. It also features a digital, switched mode, single inductor dual output power supply that generates two regulated voltages; 0.4 V used to supply on-chip digital(More)
This paper presents a step down, switched mode power converter for use in multi-standard envelope tracking radio frequency power amplifiers (RFPA). The converter is based on a programmable order sigma delta modulator that can be configured to operate with either 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th order loop filters, eliminating the need for a bulky passive output filter.(More)
In this paper, an improved architecture for RF power amplifier envelope tracking supply modulator is presented. It consists of a single switched mode supply regulator and one linear regulator. The switched mode supply regulator has two outputs, one of which is used in conjunction with the linear regulator to provide a wideband, high efficiency power supply(More)
This paper presents a switching DC-DC Buck converter with enhanced light-load efficiency for use in noise-sensitive applications. Low noise, spur free operation is achieved by using a sigma-delta-modulator (ΣΔ) based controller, while light load efficiency is realized through the introduction of fine step frequency scaling (FSFS) which continuously adjusts(More)
This work presents an integrated system-on-chip (SoC) that forms the core of a long-term, fully implantable, battery assisted, passive continuous glucose monitor. It integrates an amperometric glucose sensor interface, a near field communication (NFC) wireless front-end and a fully digital switched mode power management unit for supply regulation and on(More)
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