Niilo Saranummi

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The main objective of the MOSAIC project is to accelerate innovation in Mobile Worker Support Environments by shaping future research and innovation activities in Europe. The modus operandi of MOSAIC is to develop visions and illustrative scenarios for future collaborative workspaces involving mobile and location-aware working. Analysis of the scenarios is(More)
Health-related behaviors are among the most significant determinants of health and quality of life. Improving health behavior is an effective way to enhance health outcomes and mitigate the escalating challenges arising from an increasingly aging population and the proliferation of chronic diseases. Although it has been difficult to obtain lasting(More)
BACKGROUND There is a strong will and need to find alternative models of health care delivery driven by the ever-increasing burden of chronic diseases. OBJECTIVE The purpose of this 1-year trial was to study whether a structured mobile phone-based health coaching program, which was supported by a remote monitoring system, could be used to improve the(More)
The article addresses the problem of how to create sustainable change in health c a r e. I t b ui l ds on tw o on-g oi n g ca s e s tu di es w h i ch ex am i n e en d e av ou r s t o develop system innovations for delivering high quality services more efficiently. The early stages of these innovation processes are studied through the lens of multiple-level(More)