Nii Armah Adu-Aryee

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Despite the significant improvements in surgical care in developed countries, the adoption of laparoscopy in lower-middle-income countries (LMICs) has been sporadic and minimal. Although the most quoted explanation for this has been an apparent lack of resources and training, recent studies have demonstrated that these constraints may not be the only(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the normal (non-inflamed) position of the vermiform appendix in Ghana and carry out a pilot study to test the hypothesis "The retrocaecal appendix is less prone to inflammation". DESIGN Retrospective autopsy study. SETTING The pathology department and the department of surgery theatres of the Korle Bu Teaching hospital in Accra,(More)
BACKGROUND Breast cancer is a heterogeneous disease composed of multiple subgroups with different molecular alterations, cellular composition, clinical behaviour, and response to treatment. This study evaluates the occurrence of the various subtypes and their clinical and pathological behaviour in the Ghanaian breast cancer population at the Korle Bu(More)
Helicobacter pylori is an important risk factor for gastritis, peptic ulcers and gastric cancer. The prevalence in developed countries is lower than 40 % but higher than 80 % in some developing countries. It is 75 % in Ghana. The Helicobacter urease test (HUT) is performed at endoscopy and gives an accurate diagnosis. The HUT is not routinely done at our(More)
BACKGROUND Breast cancer is a common malignancy in Ghana, and many patients are referred with advanced disease and long duration of symptoms. OBJECTIVE To determine the spectrum of breast disease diagnosed through patient self-referral in Ghana. METHODS A breast clinic, where patients could walk in without referral, was started in the Korle Bu Teaching(More)
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