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Intramedullary ulnar nailing may be technically difficult. We used various methods and measurements to determine the ideal nail entry point and the shape, length, diameter and curvature of the medullary canal in 44 human cadaver ulnas. We found that the ideal nail entry point was, on average, 7 mm proximal and 3 mm lateral to the most prominent area of the(More)
Brown tumors are one of the characteristics of primary hyperparathyroidism, although, in some cases, they are noted with secondary hyperparathyroidism as well. The authors present a case of a 50-year-old woman with primary hyperparathyroidism caused by parathyroid carcinoma with an unusual location of a brown tumor in the calcaneus. She first presented with(More)
Fluids, medications, and blood products can be rapidly administered via intraosseous infusion under emergency conditions, particularly to pediatric patients aged from 0 to 2 years. A five-month-old infant who had been hospitalized with a diagnosis of sepsis developed swelling and hyperemia at the infusion site 10 days after an intraosseous infusion in the(More)
In recent years, the popularity of intramedullary humeral nailing is on the rise in spite of its handicaps. There are many problems in intramedullary humeral stabilization because of the anatomic structure of the bone. We performed various methods and measurements to determine shape, length and diameter and curvature of the medullary canal of the humerus in(More)
BACKGROUND In 2011, Turkish Ministry of Health (MoH) initiated a nation-wide "Smoking Cessation Treatment Support Program" (SCTSP), to provide smoking cessation drugs free of charge. METHODS SCTSP was conducted in all 81 cities of Turkey, at 228 smoking cessation clinics, and by over 400 physicians. In total, 164,733 participants took advantage of the(More)
2,4-Dichlorophenoxy acetic acid dimethyl amine salt (2,4-D DMA), as one of the phenoxy acids, is used as a herbicide mainly against broad-leaf weeds in cereal crops, sugar cane, and on turf, pasture, and non-crop land. Some formulations of 2,4-D may be contaminated with dioxins. Recently, it has been shown that chlorinated organic compounds, dioxins, and(More)
BACKGROUND The results of the eight patients who admitted to emergency room with tibial plateau fractures and treated with Ilizarov technique, were retrospective evaluated both clinically and radiologically. METHODS Seven (87%) men and one (13%) woman ranging in age from 23 to 38, were evaluated. All the cases were between type IV to VI according to Hohl(More)
To t h e editor ." T h e r e a r e numerous anatomical variants in the growing skeleton that closely simulate the productive and destructive lesions caused by disease. Separate ulnar styloid process is an u n c o m m o n va r i an t in forearm and is generally believed to be asymptomatic [1]. A secondary ossification center for the styloid in the distal(More)
OBJECTIVES: Data concerning surgical techniques, post operative well-being and complications from Germany METHODS: Prospective multicenter inquiry of 191 patients between 1.4.2003 and 31.3.2004 RESULTS: The main indications for the operation were AUB and dysmenorrhea. Mean operation time was 119 minutes, the average weight of the uterus was 239g. No mayor(More)
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