Nihat Egemen

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OBJECTIVE Although several clinical applications of transpedicular screw fixation in the cervical spine have been documented recently, few anatomic studies concerning the cervical pedicle are available. This study was designed to evaluate the anatomy and adjacent neural relationships of the middle and lower cervical pedicle (C3-C7). The main objective is to(More)
The anatomy of the branches of the anterior cerebral artery (ACA) near the anterior communicating artery (ACoA) complex were investigated to minimize neurovascular morbidity caused by surgical procedures performed in this region. Thirty-one cadaver brains were perfused with colored silicone, fixed, and studied under the operating microscope. The recurrent(More)
The authors present an extremely rare case of secondary multiple cerebral echinococcosis caused by presumed intracerebral and arterial embolism of cardiac hydatidosis in a 7-year-old girl. The first manifestations were symptoms of raised intracranial pressure. Unfortunately, before the primary ruptured echinococcosis cyst was detected in the myocardium of(More)
The anterior communicating complex was studied in 25 cadaver specimens obtained at routine autopsy. In 15 specimens (60%), an anomalous anterior communicating artery was found. The most common anomaly identified was a multi-channeled anterior communicating artery. The first channel was always the smallest channel, and all of the perforators arose from this(More)
Spinal hydatid cysts account for 1% of all cases of hydatid disease; primary intradural hydatid cysts are uncommon. We present a case of pathologically confirmed intradural spinal cyst hydatid in an otherwise healthy patient who showed no other evidence of systemic hydatid cyst disease. The patient presented with back pain, paraparesis, and weakness. An(More)
The primary objective of this study was to investigate the effects of topical L-arginine and Ng-nitro-L-arginine methyl ester vs the role of ischemia in contributing to secondary injury after experimental acute spinal cord trauma. Twenty-six rabbits were submitted to spinal cord compression at the T7/8 level. The animals were divided into three groups: no(More)
This anatomic study investigated the thoracic pedicle and its relations. The objective was to emphasize the importance of the thoracic pedicle for transpedicular screw fixation to avoid complications during surgery. Twenty cadavers were used to observe the cervical pedicle and its relations. The isthmus of the pedicle was exposed after removal of(More)
The efficacy of sodium nitroprusside in resolving cerebral vasospasm was evaluated with multicisternal injections. Twelve animals received fresh, unheparinized arterial blood via three injections (15 ml total) into the cisterna magna. Selective vertebral arteriography was performed on Day 0, and blood injections were performed on the second and third days(More)
A new stable analogue of prostacyclin, iloprost, was tested on the basilar artery of anaesthetized rabbits constricted by electrical stimulation and intracisternal injection of autologous blood. The vasospasm induced by these stimuli was effectively relieved (about 100%) by topical application of iloprost, a stable analogue of prostacyclin (PGI2), and no(More)
Cerebral vasospasm is an important clinical phenomenon associated with a high mortality rate and therefore any promising findings in the laboratory deserve assessment in clinical practice. Dipyrone (Metamizol) has been in clinical use for its non-narcotic analgesic effect since 1922. In addition to its analgesic effect, dipyrone has been shown to possess(More)