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Species identification of mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) based on morphological characteristics remains often difficult in field-collected mosquito specimens in vector-borne disease surveillance programs. The use of DNA barcodes has been proposed recently as a tool for identification of the species in many diverse groups of animals. However, the efficacy(More)
Bandwidth allocation plays a crucial role in ensuring overall quality of service in WiMAX. WiMAX supports non-contention based bandwidth allocation mechanism, where the responsibility of bandwidth allocation lies with the base station. In this paper, a novel user- centric, Game Theory-based bandwidth allocation algorithm is proposed. The Users/Mobile(More)
—IEEE 802.16 provides quality of service by providing five different service classes. When a packet reaches the MAC layer, the packet classifier has to classify the packet such that the packet is associated with appropriate QoS. In this paper a packet classification algorithm is proposed that exploits the HTTP header of the application layer to determine(More)
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