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Toxic metal pollution of waters and soils is a major environmental problem, and most conventional remediation approaches do not provide acceptable solutions. The use of specially selected and engineered metal-accumulating plants for environmental clean-up is an emerging technology called phytoremediation. Three subsets of this technology are applicable to(More)
Bandwidth allocation plays a crucial role in ensuring overall quality of service in WiMAX. WiMAX supports non-contention based bandwidth allocation mechanism, where the responsibility of bandwidth allocation lies with the base station. In this paper, a novel user- centric, Game Theory-based bandwidth allocation algorithm is proposed. The Users/Mobile(More)
—IEEE 802.16 provides quality of service by providing five different service classes. When a packet reaches the MAC layer, the packet classifier has to classify the packet such that the packet is associated with appropriate QoS. In this paper a packet classification algorithm is proposed that exploits the HTTP header of the application layer to determine(More)
IEEE 802.16e network implements a centralized resource management system where the Base Station is responsible for allocating bandwidth to all the mobile stations. A fair bandwidth allocation algorithm ensures better quality of service and efficient utilization of precious wireless resource. In this paper a novel bandwidth allocation algorithm is proposed(More)
The island ecosystem of the Andaman and Nicobar group of islands in the Andaman Sea region is well known for its rich biodiversity, particularly with regard to its intertidal environment. It is especially diverse in its fisheries resources, specifically the marine ornamental fishes that inhabit the tide pools. Information on these organisms, however,(More)
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