Nihal K. G. Samaraweera

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When a wireless link forms a part of a network, the rate of packet loss due to link noise may be considerably higher than observed in a modern terrestrial network. This paper studies TCP performance over a range of link environments and highlights the advantage of recent modifications to TCP (e.g. SACK, New-Reno) for wireless communications. It also(More)
Satellite based Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB-S) allows the same low cost satellite dish to receive both television programs and Internet traffic. The satellite system is used to construct a high-speed simplex distribution system, while the return path, needed for the Internet service will be provided using a low speed terrestrial network. The bandwidth(More)
Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) provides the opportunity for high-speed Internet delivery direct to user’s homes and offices. Most applications require full duplex communication, and the return path from the user to the Internet will be provided using lower speed terrestrial connections. Two challenges are presented when using DVB for high-speed Internet(More)
Time-Line: A Network Protocol for 1.1 The CAL Application Network Multimedia Supporting A CAL application is being developed which will be used Classroom-Based CAL as a part of the taught medical course at the Forester Hill Medical School during 1997. The application takes the Dr Godred Fairhurst1, Dr Nihal Samaraweera1, Steven. student through a series of(More)
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