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Computer aided diagnosis of lung CT image has been a revolutionary step in the early diagnosing of lung diseases. The best method of implementing computer aided diagnosis for medical image analysis is first to preprocess the image in order to segment it. The first step in computer aided diagnosis of lung computed tomography patient image is generally to(More)
Lung segmentation is an important step in modern radiological diagnostics. In this paper we propose an automatic method for lung segmentation with previous preprocessing of the lung computed tomography images. Our algorithm starts with segmentation with the initial thresholding to create binary image. After creation of the binary image, the threshold is(More)
Lung segmentation is a powerful tool in medical imaging. It can be used in quantification of the lung disease progression, regression or stagnation, and change in the visual extent of disease over time is an important marker of response to therapy and a predictor of mortality. In this work we present a lung disease quantification method that we applied on(More)
This paper is a review of the patients with multiple myeloma, hospitalized at Clinic of Haematology in Sarajevo during the period from 1993 to 1998. This study encircles 45 patients; 18 males (40%) and 27 females (60%). Clinical and laboratory records, etiology, cytomorphology and radiography were analyzed in detail. The age of patients was 59.4 years (both(More)
In this paper, we represent computer aided diagnosis (CAD) system for recognition of lung cancer by analyzing CT images of chest. CAD system helps to improve the diagnostic performance of radiologists in their image interpretations. The proposed system relies on three stages mainly; firstly, the CT image is enhanced. Secondly, the lung and tumor are(More)
Although it is possible to find a number of comparative studies in the world literature discussing the results of coronary artery bypass surgery (CABG) with and without cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB), until now such analysis has not been made in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The main aim of this scientific work was to compare morbidity and mortality, need for blood(More)
The Data Mining is extracting or mining knowledge from large volume of data. Classification technique is used in different-2 application. In this paper proposes a new classifier utilizing MLP approach by grouping based on nearest neighbor i.e. improved MLP-NN. The MLP-NN approach can handle noisy data and reduce complexity. This technique has been applied(More)
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