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Effects of data noise on statistical judgement
Data noise does not affect the way that forecasts are made but that it impairs them for two reasons. Expand
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MI5: British Security Service Operations 1909-1945
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MI6: British Secret Intelligence Service Operations, 1909-45
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Fiction, Faction and Intelligence
There is a demonstrable overlap between authentic intelligence operations and the way they have been portrayed in works of fiction, which is not entirely surprising considering the number ofExpand
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Mask: MI5's Penetration of the Communist Party of Great Britain
Glossary of MASK Terminology. Introduction 1. The Red Menace 2. The Personalities 3. The Great Game 4. The MASK Traffic 5. Krivitsky's Defection 6. Bob Stewart 7. Dave Springhall 8. The RobinsonExpand
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Historical Dictionary of British Intelligence
Editor's Foreword Acronyms and Abbreviations Chronology Introduction THE DICTIONARY Bibliography Index About the Author
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The Crown Jewels: The British Secrets at the Heart of the KGB Archives
This lively account of Soviet foreign intelligence activity in Great Britain during the Cold War is based on documents newly released from the KGB archives, their "crown jewels," as the KGBExpand
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Venona: The Greatest Secret of the Cold War
This book is based on the only complete set of decrypts held in Britain outside Whitehall, supplemented by interviews with most of the principal players in the VENONA drama (NSA, GCHQ, FBI and MI5Expand
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Historical Dictionary of Chinese Intelligence
Although China's intelligence activities may not have been well documented, they can be traced back to the ancient writings of Sun Tzu, and espionage has been a characteristic of Chinese domesticExpand
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Historical Dictionary of Cold War Counterintelligence
Editor's Foreword Acronyms and Abbreviations Chronology Introduction THE DICTIONARY Appendixes A. Espionage Prosecutions in the United States B. Espionage Prosecutions with No Classified MaterialExpand
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