Nigel Shaw

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The regulatory proteins Nef, Rev, and Tat of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) are attractive targets for vaccine development, since induction of effective immune responses targeting these early proteins may best control virus replication. Here we investigated whether vaccination with biologically active Tat or inactive Tat toxoid derived from(More)
AIM To develop a standardised and validated respiratory symptom questionnaire for use in epidemiological or follow up studies in infants and preschool children. METHODOLOGY After initial design and development, the questionnaire was administered to two cohorts of subjects, one recruited from a respiratory clinic and the other from a postnatal ward. The(More)
isitor carrying capacity has long been a management challenge in U.S. national parks (Manning 1998). This challenge is being intensified , as most national parks have witnessed a continual increase in visitation during the past two decades, prompting serious questions such as " Where is the limit? " and " How much is too much? " The development of the(More)
In this paper, we propose how to use the ALVS to support a more dynamic Personal Learning Environment (PLE) within the Graduate Virtual Research Environment (GVRE). The virtual support will provide a 24 hour answering servicing for postgraduate students relating to their PhD journeys, for example, advice needed regarding " how to carry out a literature(More)
OBJECTIVES This paper revisits the same cohort of hospital consultants approximately five years after they were first appointed to investigate their reflections on establishing themselves in their role. DESIGN Mixed methods using a short survey and in-depth semistructured interviews. SETTING The study was conducted within one Deanery in the North of(More)
Construction project losses can often be associated to information failures caused by poor coordination between the multidisciplinary organisations that deliver them. Information failure could include late, inaccurate, inadequate and inconsistent information. 4D Construction Sequencing Models (CSM) seek to improve the coordination of design, plant,(More)
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