Nigel Schneider

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Previous studies from this laboratory have demonstrated that the redistribution of blood volume and concomitant central hypervolemia induced by water immersion to the neck (NI) results in a significant natriuresis, kaliuresis, and diuresis. The NI model was utilized to assess the role of "effective volume" and hyperaldosteronism in the impairment of sodium(More)
The ability of short-term furosemide administration to alter intrarenal hemodynamics and to modify the clinical course of acute renal failure was assessed in six patients 2 to 9 days after the onset of acute renal failure. Following renal arterial catheterization, the intraarterial administration of furosemide at a dose of 9.6 mg/min for 30 minutes failed(More)
Manganese chloride, iron glycerophosphate, and cellulose additive were assessed as base materials for use in a T1-shortening single contrast enema for magnetic resonance (MR) colonography. Contrast-to-noise ratios (CNRs) were compared to those with the standard 10 mmol/L gadolinium-based enema. On T1-weighted three-dimensional gradient-recalled-echo images,(More)
The relationship between systemic and renal hemodynamics was studied in 20 patients with advanced cirrhosis of the liver. Cardiac output was assessed by an indicator dilution technique, and both mean renal blood flow and intrarenal blood flow distribution were determined by the 133Xe washout method. Ten patients had elevated cardiac outputs (7.14 to 13.58(More)